Your Bike Where you Need it

One-Way Rentals

Get your bike at your Door

We suppose over a net of partner hotels all over Portugal, but we also deliver to everywhere else in the whole country.

Chose your rental bikes and we deliver them to your hotel.

Portugal wide

One Way rentals to our Partner Hotels or any other hotel in Portugal

Hotel Delivery Ericeira

we deliver free of charge for rentals above 50,-

Lisbon, Sintra, cascais

We deliver free of charge for rentals above 70,-

National Bike Deliveries

We got partner shops in Lisbon, Lagos and Porto to receive or deliver your rental bikes. 

Also many hotels all over Portugal allow us to receive your bikes for the drop off. These hotels are not always selected by ourself, but chosen and recommended by our customers.

If you choose any other hotel please make sure the following:

  • the bike can be stored safe and dry during your stay (for pick up) or until the next business day (for drop off)
  • the hotel got a permanently occupied reception from 9am – 6pm

60,- Lisbon to Porto or Porto to Lisbon at our partner shop VelUrb
70,- to our partner hotels
80,- to any other hotel

One-Way-rentals are only available on request and ideally be made min. 1 week in advance.

Partner Hotels

We got several other partners all over Portugal, contact us if you want to drop off the bikes at any other places


TAG Boutique Hostel


So Cool Hostel


Magdalena Backpacker Hostel
Eva Senses Hotel


Hotel Louro


No one-way fee applies for rentals between Lisbon & Ericeira

5 Steps to make your bike ready for shipping

To send our one-way-rentals back, they need some simple preperation.

All you need is:

  • mini tool (delivered with the bike)
  • 5 zip ties (delivered with the bike)
  • 2 pieces of cartons or bubble-wrap
  • 1 plastic bag

Step 1: everything in one bag

Use one of the panniers to put all rental equipment in only one bag: second pannier, handlebar bag, lights, helmet and close the bag.

If you haven’t rented panniers with us, please make sure that you have a solid plastic or cotton bag if you have any equipment to ship with the bike

Step 2: Fix the bag on the bike

Fix the bag on the side without chain and transmission.

Use one of the zip ties in the little bag under your seat to fix the handle of the bag with the frames top tube.

Use the expander on the rack to fix the bag more solid on the frame.

Step 3: Protect the suspension

Use any piece of cardboard or bubble wrap or similar to protect the lower part of the front suspension.

Use the remaining 4 zip ties to fix the cardboard on the suspension.

Step 4:Align the saddle

Open the two scews on the handlbar stem, align the handlebars with the frame and tighten the scews slightly.

Step 5: Protect the saddle

Cover the saddle with a solid solid plastic. If you have any other bags would be great if you could also cover the grips.

That’s it. Not too difficult, right?

For travels between Lisbon and Lagos, Faro and Porto the Portuguese train system is quite convenient. From our rental station in Lisbon it’s 5 minutes walking to the train station where the trains to Porto arrive and leave and 20 minutes on the cycling lane to the trains to the Algarve.

Find the shedule directly at national railway company. Specially in the summer season it’s recommended to make reservations in advance. Contact us if you need any assistance.

Lisbon Region

We deliver bikes to hotels in Lisbon, Ericeira, Sintra and Cascais every day between 8-11 am and pick up between 6-8 pm or on agreement.


Delivery OR Return is 5,- per bike
Delivery AND Return is 10,- per bike
Delivery is free of charge for rentals above 80,-.

Lisbon and Sintra:

Delivery OR Return is 10,- per bike
Delivery AND Return is 15,- per bike
Delivery is free of charge for rentals above 100,-.

Reservations should ideally be made 2-3 days in advance.

Free Pick Up and Drop Of Points

Rua Bica do Sapato 50
1100-094 Santa Apolonia

Ericeira / Ribamar

Mountainbike Traveller

Rua Principal 5

800m from Ribeira d’Ihlas